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Let's work together on your personalized English language voice:


Helping You navigate the experiential lifestyle possibilities of SoCal, California, the USA and the world through language coaching is the personal service and mentoring that I provide. Explore the bounties of fun attractions, local culinary culture and playful places around SoCal and beyond, to overcome the challenges in-person communication so you too can express and celebrate your lifestyle confidently.

My services are that of a lifestyle mentor. We will use immersive social activities to develop your confidence and mastery of English usage. To explore locally and afar to help you elevate your local experiences and to exploit opportunities to express yourself with a rich vocabulary and command of English.

The gifts of life include learning to actively live the good life confidently. To by your voice, in your community and take to new roads to explore, discover, interact, with thinking eyes and elevated sensory exploits.

Your journey to learn to use your English voice to confidently explore, interact and elevate your quality of life here in SoCal, California & the American West as well as the making the world your lifestyle stage is what I want to help you to realize.

Discover the riches in activities, destinations, cuisine and natural beauty here in SoCal, around California, the fabulous wealth of natural beauty in the American West and yes… personalized travel itineraries to all corners of the world in your own voice.

Learn to give voice to your interactive wants, travel desires, access to play expressively, try culinary adventures, make every travel destination of your choosing be at your command to realize.

Together, we will make SoCal your classroom. By exposing you to interactive opportunities to learn vocabulary, word usage in every context and create new pathways that beyond the set boundaries conditioned by your limited mastery of English. This approach is called "Active Learning".

Together, we will craft personal benchmarks and attainable language fluency, develop and recognize context and give you greater access to enjoy, explore and live for your family and you the many bounties that make California grand and the world your stage.

Your voice is an important part of your identity. Finding and using your English language voice helps determine ways for you to be more optimistic, content, assertive positive, and resilient within your community, near and afar. The world awaits you.

​Contact me to create for and to journey with you One-on-One as your personal, interactive English language learning experiences that can help you enjoy the good life in SoCal, California, the American West and also make the world your stage.

Syllabus & Approaches

Every day activities and locations both indoor and out will be our lesson content and classrooms. Giving voice to what you see, want to explore and what you prioritize informs the approaches and techniques that goes into each personalized lesson plan. We will learn interactively through behavioral opportunities that motivate your interests to improve your spoken English, change the psyche of how you learn so that you can learn better pronunciation, recognize context to overcome English communication obstacles and insecurities.


We will practice in different locations and settings that help you to gain more resilience, explore with thinking eyes, increase your confidence to add your voice, organize your thoughts to match your vocabulary to context and situation. We will watch films and discuss them. We will pick fun songs to sing their lyrics to condition your enunciation and fine tune your English listening skills. You gain confidence and increase your hunger to be optimistic eliminate many social interaction boundaries, and improve your relationship with the world that awaits your discovery.


Lesson plans and objectives will be put together from your personal interests… both short term and long. The classrooms will be in ordinary locations from shopping, museums, green spaces, neighborhood walks up to day trips to explore destinations that appeal to your curiosity. You will learn how much more SoCal, California, the American West and international destinations have to offer to you and your family as well as friends.


Learning to improve your usage, comprehension and situational context for your voice in English is a life coaching partnership. We will engage discussions using thought-provoking articles and explore your own ways of creative processing. The classrooms will be activities in destinations that inspire, add focus, and motivating you to maximize your personal potential to find your English language voice.


This learning partnership is also designed to mentor, make accessible, facilitate, expose and immerse you in innovative ways for your personal or professional development to craft for yourself the good life that can be had in in SoCal, California, the natural wonders of the American West states and also world as your stage.


Contact me to make plans for achieving your mastery of English-speaking goals to explore and enjoy more of the good life you deserve.



Embrace SoCal as your classroom for a bounty of Life Lived & Expressed on your terms


Live Expressively Using Your Voice


Explore with One-on-One Guidance & Be Inspired for the Good Life

About your language mentor and coach

For more than 25 years, I worked for some of the biggest high-tech companies as a new product manager. In addition, I specialized in business optimization and quality management systems.


For more than 30 years, I have lived to see the world with thinking eyes. This has included living overseas in France, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Sweden, Ghana, Poland and a few other places.


There have been many wonderful adventures living to see the world. They have included tutoring a train car full of Japanese tourists over two nights travel from Melbourne, Australia to Perth. In places, opportunities have brought me in touch with fellow travelers to tutor them in to better their command of the international bridge language that is English. Through my travels, I have worked in wine vineyards, learnt the art and craft of blending wines, organizing and hosting winemaker tastings paired with food as well as created travel itineraries based on wine and food to different regions of the world.


As an avid, self-taught photographer and photo enthusiast, I have been on photo safaris around California, the American West and through more than 30 countries including, Japan, China, Korea, Türkiye, a majority of the EU countries, parts of West Africa, Central and S. America.


You will be learning immersive situational English that requires and exposes you to contextual vocabulary. I use my knowledge for wine appreciation, being at home in a Scandinavian winter or traipsing around in balmy SoCal. I have lived in the Pacific NW, in New England, in the Rockies and the American SE. I have hosted friends and visitors from China, Germany, France, Korea, Chile, Australia and many more who have come to explore and elevate travel experiences.

Services - Session Pricing

Thank you for considering my language as a lifestyle mentoring services. Below in addition to the free introduction session, you can select from three mentoring plans.

Each mentoring session will take place from a selection of local destinations including parks, gardens, seaside, museums, and many more choices around SoCal and beyond

During each session, there will be selected reading of articles, activities and conversations to DEFINING WHO YOU ARE, DEFINE YOUR MESSAGE, NEW VOCABULARY & NEW SKILLS   


With a FREE introduction conversation by phone or video chat.

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